Weight Loss Help: Oprah's Weight Loss Tips

Lose Weight Like Oprah!
Oprah has finally gained control over her weight after years of yo-yo dieting and
disappointment. She has shed over 50 pounds of unwanted bodyfat and today looks
great and feels fabulous!

So what's her secret? According to Oprah, she avoids white carbohydrates like the
plague. That means no white rice, white potatoes, French fries, or potato chips. She
also has cut out sugary delights such as soda pop and candy (except for the
occasional piece of dark chocolate).

She also avoids alcohol and instead opts for iced water or green tea.

Exercise is also important for Oprah... she has recently gotten into weight-training
exercise. She hopes to teach women that lifting weights doesn't make you "big and
bulky" but instead makes you lean and toned because muscle takes up about 1/2 the
space as bodyfat.

Lose weight like Oprah... eat right, exercise and use
Cis-9,Trans-11 Conjugated
Linoleic Acid
and watch the pounds melt away like magic!
Today Oprah looks fabulous! Her
secrets include staying away from
white carbohydrates and training
with weights at least 3 days a week.
Oprah's Weight Loss Secrets...
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