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This exciting new weight loss nutrient is extracted from the exotic
Carthamus tinctorius. According to new clinical research from
Norwegian scientist Dr. Erling Thom,
Cis-9,Trans-11 has powerful slimming
and fat-burning benefits.

New research published in the
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows
you may enjoy the following benefits within just 30 days of supplementing your
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Dissolves Belly Fat: Avg. of 1.12 cm within Weeks
Increases Weight Loss: Melts 20.2% of Your Bodyfat in 12 Weeks
Boosts Energy: Increases Energy and Feelings of Youthfulness
Strengths Immunity: Boosts Your Immune System and Health
Enhances Libido: Improves the Quality of Your Sex Life
Blocks Carbs: Reduces the Fattening Effects of Carbohydrates
Relieves Stress: Reduces Levels of Your Stress Hormone Cortisol

The above benefits are
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But please, don't take our word for how much this new diet pill will help you melt away
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One recent study presented at the Federation for Applied Science and
Experimental Biology national meeting in New Orleans showed that in humans,
3,000 mg of Cis-9,Trans-11 Conjugated Linoleic Acid taken daily could bring
about an average 20.2% reduction in bodyfat and abdominal fat.

Another new study from Sweden's Uppsala University published in the
International Journal of Obesity concludes that this nutrient reduces abdominal
fat by an average of 1.12 cm within just a few weeks.
How It Works
Fast Weight Loss
Weight Loss Pill Breakthrough
Now you can get rid of belly fat and enjoy significant weight loss with the help of a
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You may have heard about this new weight loss remedy on Oprah or CNN, or maybe
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Scientists say
Cis-9,Trans-11 is one of the most important fat-reducing discoveries in
over a hundred years. Studies show a remarkable 1.12 cm reduction in stomach fat
within only 14 days
without dieting or exercise.

Another new study from Norway shows people taking this nutrient safely lost an
amazing 20.2% of their bodyfat in only 12 weeks.
And now, for the first time, you can try
this clinically proven weight loss pill for yourself without a prescription
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I see a huge difference in my thighs and belly fat. My legs have never looked
No change in diet at all, but increase in walking (which I had done before but
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Patty R., Western PA
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